Rhett Taylor, Mayor of Grayslake

Mayor Knight has been a strong advocate for the Village of Wauconda for many years.  He has been instrumental in forging a partnership with several municipalities, and Lake County, to bring Lake Michigan Water to the Village and unincorporated areas for a sustainable source of clean water through CLCJAWA.

Dominic Marturano, Mayor of Lindenhurst

I strongly endorse Lincoln Knight for Wauconda Township Supervisor.  Mayor Knight and I have served together on the Lake County Municipal League and CLCJAWA Boards, and I am confident that he will do a great job as Township Supervisor!

Darrell Blenniss, former CLCJAWA Executive Director

I have known Lincoln Knight for many years. He is a man of integrity with a devout adherence to good government principles. He is a true public servant. Wauconda is a better place as a result of his service to the community. "

Steve Henley, Mayor of Volo

This coming April the residents of Wauconda Township have the opportunity to vote for Lincoln Knight as the new Township Supervisor. As M​ayor of Volo, I have had the oppor​unity to work with Lincoln on a number of projects that affected both Volo and Wauconda. The Lake Michigan Water Project that ensures a sustainable water source for both of our Villages. A Municipal Intergovernmental Agreement that contracts with the Wauconda Police Department enforcing overnight parking regulations in the Village of Volo. These are but a few examples of the cooperation we have worked on.  It is my belief  that this kind of cooperation will permeate with other municipalities and unincorporated areas of the township with him as the next supervisor. Currently, Mayor Knight and I are sitting members on the Board of Directors of the Central Lake County Joint  Action Water Agency (Lake Michigan Water) and Lake County Municipal League.

Please join Village of Volo Trustees,  Michael Wagner, Carol Porter, Kurt Johnson, Dustin Heuser, John Buttita, and Lesa Northam  and myself, Mayor Henley, in supporting and electing Lincoln Knight as the next Wauconda Township Supervisor.

Tim Howe, Village Trustee

I generally try to “stay in my lane” when it comes to other elections – but I’m making an exception when it comes to the race for Wauconda Township Supervisor and formally endorsing Lincoln Knight.

I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Lincoln on the Village Board for the last 6 years, but I’ve known him for longer than that. I can say without hesitation that he has all the qualities needed to do the job: he believes in smart management of your tax dollars; he believes in transparency in government; and he believes in honesty with his colleagues and constituents. He has guided the Village to a position of financial stability and laid the groundwork for positive growth in the years to come. I know he will do the same for the Township.

I also have to say that I’ve been disappointed in the actions of the current supervisor, someone I’ve also known for many years. His social media potshots have been inappropriate and out of line. His words and actions directed to Township trustees, other Township elected officials and community members attending Township meetings have been dismissive and unproductive.

Donny Schmit, Mayor of Fox Lake

As president of the Lake County Municipal League and Mayor of the Village of Fox Lake, it has been my pleasure to work with Lincoln the past several years. His presence on the Executive Board of the League has benefitted us all. His thoughtful, common sense approach to issues has been a blessing not only to Wauconda, but to our region and the County. I endorse his continued service to the community. 

Adam Schlick, Village Trustee & Firefighter

I don’t usually offer my political endorsement, but when I see the actions of a “local politician” against a friend, I have to make sure everyone knows who the best person for the job really is. Hands down Lincoln Knight is THE most qualified person to hold local office. He has a tremendous amount of integrity, knowledge, and vision that will serve Wauconda Township well. He also has the patience and discipline of a saint to avoid getting in a mud slinging contest with a desperate “man.”

If you live in Wauconda Township, please vote for the entire Wauconda Township Forward slate, they are the only ones running with your best interest in mind.

Chris Rowe, Wauconda Township Clerk

Why I support Wauconda Township Forward

Under Lincoln Knight, this team formed, not only to work together but because they respect and trust each other. In my eyes, that is so very important, especially in public service. Between each other, that combination will provide communicating and interaction, which in turn will serve the residents of Wauconda Township.  When people cannot work together, everyone loses.

This group of dedicated citizens are committing to work for us and keep the Township moving forward in a positive manner. So much more can be accomplished when everyone is on the same page.

Serving as Clerk for the last 14 years, I can only hope that this team is given the chance to do many wonderful things, together, for Wauconda Township residents!

Tom Shaw, Village of Wauconda Trustee

Our local elections matter, remember to go VOTE!

I have had the honor of working side by side with Lincoln Knight on the Village Board for the past 2 years. Stepping up and putting your heart and soul into serving a community for so many years with integrity, honesty, leadership, and transparency is exactly what Wauconda Township needs. Beyond a doubt, Lincoln Knight is the most qualified candidate for the Wauconda Township Supervisor position and he has my vote and full support. He is an experienced public servant, with the wisdom, insight, and vision to make the best decisions to keep Wauconda Township on a path forward for years to come. We need a transparent township that continually strives for financial efficiency to reduce wasteful spending and enhancing services to the community.

Please join me in voting for Lincoln Knight for Township Supervisor and the entire Wauconda Township Forward slate.

Rich Morino, Village of Wauconda Trustee

As many of you know, I last ran for public service as part of Lincoln Knight's "Wauconda Forward" team. That choice was made after careful examination of his record, and getting to know and feel comfortable with the way Lincoln operated.

This election Lincoln is running for Wauconda Township Supervisor. After 4 years working together, I can tell you with absolute certainty that Lincoln represents the best in local government service. What is best for the citizens is always his top criteria. Under his watch a high level of service is delivered, while always keeping a vigilant eye on how we can reduce costs. Ethics are paramount, as is transparency.

Finally, Lincoln knows that effective government only happens when you have the proper team in place. This starts with having professional administrative staff in place to advise and execute. It also means having the trust of your fellow elected officials. This trust is evident by the Township Trustees choosing to run with Lincoln. When Boards trust each other, despite political differences, great things can happen.

I will be voting for Lincoln and the entire Wauconda Township Forward this April 6th, and I hope you consider doing the same.

Pat Oakes, Wauconda Township Assessor

Serving as Wauconda Township Assessor for 16 years, I am endorsing Lincoln Knight for Wauconda Township Supervisor.

Township government is a grassroots government, the closest level of government to the people. Lincoln Knight and the Wauconda Township Forward Team are good representatives of grassroots government. They offer combined experience and are listening to the residents of Wauconda Township.

The Village of Wauconda is part of Wauconda Township. Lincoln’s proven leadership as Mayor has guided the Village of Wauconda forward. Lincoln Knight’s teamwork has shown he has what it takes; leadership skills, experience, relationships, and the vision to improve Wauconda Township.

A vote for Lincoln Knight as Township Supervisor, will bring open communication, transparency and positive changes for Wauconda Township taxpayers.

Cheryl Falk-Novak, Village of Wauconda Clerk

It is my pleasure and honor to endorse Lincoln Knight as Wauconda Township Supervisor. I have worked with Lincoln on the Wauconda Village Board as Village Clerk for the last four years.

As we all know, leadership seldom works if it is from the top down. Lincoln has been successful as a leader because he is keenly aware of this and is civic-minded and invested in our community. He is successful because he exhibits courage, passion, confidence, commitment, and ambition. Lincoln continually demonstrates the ability to nurture others' strengths and talents and builds teams committed to achieving common goals.

There is something to be said for individuals who think outside of the box, take on new challenges, and step out of their comfort zone to make a difference in their community.


Chuck Black, Village of Wauconda Trustee

Why I voted for Lincoln Knight:

Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Leadership. Teamwork. These are just some of the words that are associated with Lincoln Knight. I have known Lincoln for over 25 years as we coached soccer against each other back in the day. Even then Lincoln did it right as he taught fair play and sportsmanship.

Fast forward to the present. I have had the pleasure to sit on the same board with Lincoln. Starting with my first day as a trustee he reached out to me and the other new trustees to help us navigate those first few weeks. Over these past 10 years, I have worked with and watched Lincoln as he provided the leadership necessary to help us not only with the Lake Michigan Water project but many other projects as well. His ability to keep efficiency high while maintaining a balanced budget is just one of his many skills. As Mayor, he continued to lead at a high level and continued to push for teamwork. Teamwork in my mind is a necessity as it takes many a person, personality, and mind to shape a Village. Not only with the board, but the Village as well. There is not an event that happens in Wauconda that Lincoln is either not on the board of, or he is volunteering for...or both! Lincoln leads by example. This is who he is, and why Lincoln is the best choice for Township Supervisor.